Work ecologically with long term results

ECOFIPS uses the hot water and foam procedure for effective weed-control. Water, which is heated to nearly boiling temperature (≥95 °C) and mixed with the biodegradable foam. The mixture is now applied to the selected plants without pressure. The trick: The foam cover traps and keeps water applied from cooling down too quickly. This heat treatment will destroy the protein structures of the plant including the root system. Even the smallest seed are covered and destroyed in the process.

The hot water foam procedure is the temperature centered procedure with the highest efficiency, guaranteeing a maximum level of flexibility: The foam cover will destroy undesired weeds, algae and moss from solid and uneven surfaces such as flower beds or mulched areas. The mixture can be applied in punctual fashion to avoid affecting surrounding vegetation. In contrast to chemical weed management solutions (use of herbicides), our procedure does not require permits or registration, both in private home-settings and organic horticulture.

All advantages at a glance :

  • Easy to use with high efficiency
  • Ecologically sound with low emissions
  • Highly efficient weed control procedure
  • Works on weeds, algae and moss
  • Easy to use on various surfaces
  • Permit free and safe for the environment

See ECOFIPS in action!