We have solutions for weeds and dirt!

The ECOFIPS, the German short-text for „Ecological Surface-Intensive-Maintenance-System“, is a true multitalent: It lastingly and very efficiently removes weeds and unwanted vegetation from gravel, pavements, mulch, wood and countless other surfaces by using hot water and foam. ECOFIPS has a high- and low pressure function, which, in combination with various lances,  will make the ideal tool to clean buildings, terraces, cars, boats and much more… ECOFIPS is a very versatile and multifunctional tool for private individuals, property owners, small as well as midsized businesses.

Your benefits …

  • versatile functionality
  • easy to use and operate
  • quality product made in Germany
Cleaning & Upkeep

Welcome to a world of diverse usefulness!

Weed Control & Management

Weeds on surfaces, in flowerbeds or mulched areas is easily and efficiently tackled by ECOFIPS. [Link zu Unterseite „Applications“]: Here, a nearly boiling water foam mixture will cover weeds and unwanted plants. The heat destroys the protein structure of the plant all the way to the roots and hence rids your property from weeds without any use of toxic chemicals.

High- and Low Pressure Cleaning

ECOFIPS is equipped with a high and low pressure cleaning-modus. Pressures of up to 1450 psi bar will effectively clean even the most soiled surfaces such as terraces, stone- walkways, buildings and even boat hulls. The low pressure mode uses only 145 psi of pressure and if used with hot or cold water, ECOFIPS will be the perfect clearning tool for more delicate surfaces, such as sandstones, wood and painted plastics.

Brush Cleaning

In low pressure mode and with the brush application, ECOFIPS is perfectly equipped to gently clean and maintain delicate surfaces like cars, boat cabins, awnings or outside furniture. Working with only 145 psi of pressure, ECOFIPS will be capable to save you manual labor with the sponge. Using the very soft brush will avoid scratches and damage. Brush cleaning can be used with cold or hot water.


Technical data

90 x 47 x 65 / 90 cm
~ 90 kg
Water Pressure
Up to 1450 psi
Water Temperature
Up to 98 °C
Water Useage
ca. 4-5 l / min
Heating Oil/ Diesel
ca. 2,5-3 l / h
Foam Useage
ca. 0-3 l / h
Cleaner Useage
ca. 0-3 l / h
Calc-Free Useage
ca. 0,5 l / h

Experience the ECOFIPS in Action!