We have the solution for unwanted vegetation and dirt!

ECOFIPS is a multifunctional and highly versatile instrument for the efficient and lasting removal and cleaning of unwanted vegetation and weeds from graveled, plastered or mulched surfaces as well as wood and many other materials. Applying low and high pressure mode and utilizing various lances makes the ECOFIPS the ideal companion for the cleaning of buildings, terraces, cars and boats.


ECOFIPS can do much more!

Weed Management and Vegetation Control

Using the hot water and foam technique, ECOFIPS helps to lastingly free areas and surfaces from undesired vegetation without the use of chemicals and toxins. Be it a wooden deck or a gravel driveway, a stone walkway and even a gabion.

High & Low Pressure Cleaning

With up to 1450 psi operating pressure, ECOFIPS will clean even heavily soiled surfaces such as terraces, stone surfaces and buildings. In low presure mode ECOFIPS will gently clean and free more delicate surfaces such as sand-stone or wood etc.

Brush Cleaning

In low pressure mode and with the brush lance attached, the ECOFIPS is the perfect tool for gentle cleaning of cars, boats, sun-sails and garden furniture. Brush cleaning can be done with hot or cold water.


Developed to captivate!

stabiler Stahlrohrrahmen
GARDENA®-kompatibler Kaltwasseranschluss
Anschluss für verschiedene Einsatz- und Pflegelanzen mit Schnellverschluss
geländegängig dank robuster Luftreifen
hochwertiges Metallgehäuse für maximale Sicherheit
leicht zugängliche Bedienelemente
Halterung für Schaum-, Reiniger- und Kalkfrei-Behälter
Schaummenge und Wassertemperatur einstellbar
15 m langer Heißwasserschlauch mit Schlauchschutz, verlängerbar auf 30 m

Versatile in use – easy to use!


Working ecologically and sustainably …

… with the permit-free hot water and foam procedure! ECOFIPS heats water to nearly boiling temperature and mixes it with a biodegradable foam that is applied directly to the undesired vegetation. The hot water destroys the protein structure of the plant and even the smallest seeds. The foam acts as a insulation to keep the water from cooling down quickly.


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