Accessories for ECOFIPS

The right lance for each purpose:

Weed lance

effectively removes undesired vegetation from streets, parking lots, graveled surfaces, etc.

Brush lance

efficiently cleans delicate surfaces on cars, boats, sun-sails and garden furniture, etc.

High & Low Pressure lances

for the effective cleaning of terraces, stone walkways, buildings, etc.

Operational material for the ECOFIPS

ECOFIPS Foam, Cleaner, Calc Free

All liquids available in 2 liter bottles or 10 liter canisters.


is a plant sugar foam produced from renewable raw materials, 100% biologically degradable and not affected by regulations requiring a permit or licensing according to laws covering the protection of plants.


assists in the cleaning process of stones, plastics, metal and various other surfaces. The cleaner is 100% biologically degradable, free of phospates, EDTA or NTA and not subject to regulation of being marked as a chemical.


protects ECOFIPS from calc and corrosion. The amount to be used is subject to operating conditions and regional water hardness levels.

See ECOFIPS in action!